On this website you can find some classical and digital art as well as some of my programming projects.



Old School Art

old school art

I call the paintings, drawings and sculptures presented here «Old School Art». I was fascinated by the skills of the Masters of the classical Modern. The pure artisan mastery — rather than the creative idea — came to the fore. This artistic work and experience still helps me to realise my ideas at the computer today.



Years ago, I developed a costume and set design for the opera Elektra by Richard Strauss. The design was inspired by the fashion of the end of the twentieth century, antic sculptures, antic architecture as well as antic paintings.


Graphic Design

Concept art and character design is my new pasion. Digital art allows me to build on my classical art background. Especially, my experience in life drawing helps me to realize my projects.


This iOS App presents my creative work and also showcases my technical skills. You get an overview of my classical art, digital paintings and 3D concept art. Furthermore, you can interactively change the texture mapping, move the light source and pan, zoom, rotate the game characters in a 3D view. Moreover, one can watch a turntable movie of the high resolution model.